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How to use My MP3 Splitter

What is My MP3 Splitter?

My MP3 Splitter is a free, user-friendly MP3 tool that allows you to cut and edit MP3 music. An MP3 clip produced by My MP3 Splitter has the same sound quality of the original MP3 (lossless), so you can enjoy it at its best in your favorite MP3 player. Works great for ringtones too!

Download Now

My MP3 Splitter Download

My MP3 Splitter Download

How to split MP3 clips.

Step 1: Click the "Open" button to open an MP3 file. 

Step 2: Drag the progress bar button to the start position, then click “Mark Start” button.

Step 3: Drag the progress bar button to the end position, then click “Mark End” button.

Step 4: Click the “Save as” button to save the clip as a new MP3 file.

How to use My MP3 Splitter

Play mp3. 

After opening an MP3 file, click “Play from Start” or “Play from Current.”

Edit ID3Tags of mp3.

After opening an MP3 file, you can select the 'ID3TagsV1' page and edit the information.

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